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Cloud Computing

We can put your entire company in to the cloud, keeping you safe and sound from potential disaster in your office. You can access your data, emails and apps from any internet enabled computer.

Server Based Computing

We can build you a single or virtual multiple Server environment, that can host your entire operation. You can have on premise email, data storage, Remote Access, VPN and many other services.

Hybrid Computing

We can split your operations with some of it in the cloud and some on premise. Normally high data users can split their email services to the cloud and keep their data local and accessible fast.

One Man Bands

We can provide the one man band with all their IT needs. From email and data on the go, that is safely stored in the cloud, all in the one package through to Virtual Phone numbers from any UK region.

Your business and its survival

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity - Planning to keep your business running when adversity strikes
"IT is at the core of how you do your business and how your business model itself evolves"

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans are just as important as business and marketing plans. Unlike the business and marketing plans, the disaster recovery and business continuity plans provide detailed strategies on how the business will continue after severe business interruptions and disasters.

The business continuity plan takes the disaster recovery plan one step further. This plan outlines how the business will continue its operations after the disaster. It also outlines how the business will continue its operations after smaller, less disastrous events, such as power outages. The plan outlines how and where the business will operate if it is forced to move to a temporary location. It identifies the long-term, crucial strategies that are needed to ensure that the business maintains stability and generates profits

PC Matters has developed several strategies for all sizes of business so that they can carry on operating when different disasters strike them. Talk to us to help ensure your business can survive adversity.

  • 80% of all hardware failures in Servers are Hard drive failures

  • 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down with 6 months of the disaster

  • 30% of all software failures are down to virus and or malware infections

  • In the past two years, over 50 percent of businesses experienced an unforeseen interruption

Solutions we have provided

Here are some real life solutions we have provided for different businesses

Knight Optical Ltd

Virtual on premise servers
This company were growing and needed a bigger and more flexible solution, so we took their aging SBS 2008 and virtualised their network on to five different virtual servers on one powerful physical server. This included allowing their US office to work in the UK

SCK Flooring Ltd

Hybrid Solution
This company also had an ageing SBS 2008 server, their internet is not that good where they are, so we put in a hybrid solution where by their emails are safely managed by the cloud and their data is distributed locally via a server. The server data is backed up to the cloud for resiliance


Cloud Solution
This company wanted all their emails to be cloud based for the flexibility and security it afforded as well as having their data stored in the cloud with synced copies stored locally on each machines. They did not want the cost involved with a server and did not need the functionality a server brings

Reclaim UK Ltd

One Man Band
Reclaim UK were running their business from two laptops, their website was hacked and so decided to upgrade their IT. We transferred their domain, rebuilt their website and then moved their emails and data in to the cloud. Now they have a fresh website and safe and flexible data and emails


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